Home » Terrible i5-8400 Performance – We Finally Figured It Out! | Tin Hay về chủ đề i5-8400 |

Terrible i5-8400 Performance – We Finally Figured It Out! | Tin Hay về chủ đề i5-8400 |

Dường như bạn đang muốn tìm hiểu bài viết nói về i5-8400 có phải không? Dường như bạn đang muốn tìm chủ đề Terrible i5-8400 Performance – We Finally Figured It Out! đúng vậy không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây.

Terrible i5-8400 Performance – We Finally Figured It Out! | Xem thông tin về laptop tại đây.

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Có ai trong số các bạn đã trải nghiệm kiểu điều chỉnh này với bo mạch chủ B360 với i5 của mình chưa? Chúng tôi đã thử nghiệm cả i5-8400 & i5-8600K và sao chép kết quả bất kể chúng tôi đã điều chỉnh những gì. Thông số kỹ thuật thực tế của PC bên dưới. • i5-8400: • i5-8600K: • MSI B360M Mortar Titanium: • ASUS Z370 Prime: • Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB DDR4-3200 2x8GB: • Bộ làm mát CPU DeepCool Gammaxx GT: • Palit GTX 1060 6GB: • Phanteks P350X: Dành cho PC các bộ phận: • Mua từ Newegg ở Hoa Kỳ: • Mua từ Amazon ở Hoa Kỳ: • Mua từ Wootware ở SA: • Hỗ trợ chúng tôi trên Patreon: • Bitcoin Dono Địa chỉ: 1G5n6qFafWSYf8CZikZTXXcThpoxKeXK1K Đối với phần nhạc giới thiệu / kết thúc của Kalyptra: Twitter của tôi – Facebook của tôi – Instagram của tôi – Cảm ơn Tancrid “Tank” Muller đã viết video! Cảm ơn Reece Hill đã quay video! Cảm ơn Rikus Strauss đã chỉnh sửa video! .

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Terrible i5-8400 Performance - We Finally Figured It Out!

Terrible i5-8400 Performance – We Finally Figured It Out!

>> Ngoài xem chủ đề này bạn có thể truy cập thêm nhiều Thông tin hay khác tại đây: Itrum.vn/may-tinh.

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Terrible i5-8400 Performance – We Finally Figured It Out!.


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47 thoughts on “Terrible i5-8400 Performance – We Finally Figured It Out! | Tin Hay về chủ đề i5-8400 |”

  1. My i5 8400 is running on a b365 mobo and for some reason it won't boost past 3.5 ghz. Vrm Temps and cpu Temps are fine and power draw is normal. Idk man

  2. So I always felt something was wrong with my pc. Now that I tested it I get the same poor results with same parts(i5 8400, 1060, 2666MHz). Looks like B360M D3H has the same problem.

  3. i have the exact same i5 8400 and msi b360 mortar titanium with also a asus prime z390-a mobo with a 1080 ti. made almost no difference. Something really is messed with that particular board.

  4. So in conclusion doesjt matter which mother board I have for game performance because for example some benchmarks I watch online have the sam system as me but my game stutters or freezes for no reason

  5. I have this cpu and tbh it’s not bad at all if anyone is thinking about getting it I do say that you should bcz it’s a great cpu for gaming and lite editing

  6. i5 8400 is a very good processor(not the best in its price range) . It will not disappoint you in almost any game . If you think i5 8400 is not good than i7 7700 is also not good which is not true .

  7. you fools should have researched before purchasing the i5 8400 this was my first pc build and I went for the MSI H370 and had no problem with it and I can really tell the difference between my xbox and pc

  8. I have the MSI b360m mortar Tit board with a i5 8400 cpu—– I put a ddr4-3000 kit in it .. of course it runs at 2666….. would it run better if I had put the 2666 native kit in the system over the 3000 kit of same maker ???

  9. UFD Tech + Hey brother which motherboard is good for i5 8400 …..I think z370 is useless for it because we can't overcloak it…….what about b360 and and other……..and if b360 then which one

  10. So is there any news about this, I have B360M and I5 8400 and my CPU is always on 100%. Im playing GTAV and BFV on ULTRA all games are playable and I have no issues but still I dont think it is normal for CPU to be all the time on 100% while all of my friends have about 30%-50% on the same games but difrent CPU. Should I just buy new motherboard then or stick with this until it drops dead ?

  11. I got I5 8400 and it can’t handle 144hz in csgo, unless you put 1200x1080p, low medium settings…
    And my Gpu 1060 3gb is staying at 20-30% usage, Cpu 50-90%

  12. Is any one else wondering if he ever thought to update any Mobo drivers. I had forgot to do that too played for over a year without this crazy frame drop. I had to reimage my rig and I decided to update the bios and found a chipset driver installed it and no longer was I seeing that frame drop.

  13. i have the B360M By Tuf gaming and my GPU runs at 100% on BO4 even on low settings. BF5 was unplayabe, as well as Insurgency sandstorm. Im very unhappy with this cpu.

  14. 3:18 to 3:31

    Did you run the benchmark, i5-8400 w/B360, while "Microsoft OneDrive Setup" was using 72%-90% of the i5-8400?…if so, that would explain the poor framerate. Kinda hard to get good framerate when your CPU usage is sitting at 100% before you even start the game.

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