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Pregnancy Transformation – Week by Week Pregnant Belly Progression | bath nok

Pregnancy Transformation – Week by Week Pregnant Belly Progression

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูเพิ่มเติม

Hello there!
Thank you for stopping by! 🙂 These videos were taken to document the transformative weeks as our daughter, Kelilah Ava, grew from Week 4 40. She was diagnosed with a terminal illness, Trisomy 18 halfway through the pregnancy at 20 weeks where we were given the option to continue or terminate the pregnancy, but we decided to love on her and ultimately let God decide when to bring her Home. We continued documenting her life not knowing the outcome nor when the finality of her life would be, but we lived with as much hope, intentionalty, and joy making sure that all she would know of this world was love, whether in this lifetime or in the arms of her Heavenly Father.
This video was uploaded the day before her birthday when she came into the world on June 10, 2020 at 40 weeks and 2 days. She was beautiful, perfect and borne into Heaven as a stillborn.
It means everything to us that you’re here watching our journey, seeing the entirety of her short 40week lifespan here on Earth. We hope you enjoy this pregnancy progression video as much as we did documenting it. :’) If you’d like to see more of our baby girl or get to know our family a little better, we’d love to get to know you! Please feel free to reach us on Instagram. 🙂 (http://instagram.com/msjoanneson)
~Joanne, Jason, and Kelilah

Pregnancy Transformation - Week by Week Pregnant Belly Progression

Proud Mary – Tina turner (Cover) by Phrima’s BAND

Live At Saxophone Pub and Restaurant 06/08/17
Proud Mary Tina turner (Cover) by Phrima’s BAND
Voice : phrimaphaa khornrojjanachawin
Chorus : Punch Napattra
: Pavida Moriggi
Guitar : Natthaphon Saengsiangfar (Jak)
Bass : Patcharapong Ruenghirunwong (May)
Piano : Weerasak Hembubpaka (Boy)
Drum : Kridsana Putpring (Mong)
Live Sound Engineer: MR.Booster
Mix\u0026Master : Roller Studio
Camera Man : Demonmike Kemajaree
: Pharada Klinnak
:Charoen Amranont
VDO Edittor : JakFilmsProduction

Proud Mary - Tina turner (Cover) by Phrima's BAND

Pingu 2019 | The Best Funny cartoon 2019 HD ► The newest compilation 2019 #6

Pingu 2019 | The Best Funny cartoon 2019 HD ► The newest compilation 2019 6 HD.
Pingu is a SwissBritish stopmotion clay animated children’s comedy television series created by Otmar Gutmann and produced from 1988 to 2000 for Swiss television, and from 2003 to 2006 for British television by The Pygos Group (formerly Trickfilmstudio and Pingu Filmstudio). It centres on a family of anthropomorphic penguins who live at the South Pole, whose the main character is the family’s son and title character, Pingu.
The series originally ran for four series (each series made up of multiple seasons) from 7 March 1990 to 9 April 2000 on SF DRS and was then renewed for two more series from 1 August 2003 to 3 March 2006 on BBC Two. Pingu won a BAFTA award.
Pingu was a worldwide hit, due to its lack of real spoken language: nearly all dialogue is in an invented grammelot \”penguin language\” referred to as ‘Penguinese’, consisting of babbling, muttering, and his characteristic sporadic loud honking noise, which can be popularly recognized as \”Noot noot!\” or other variants, although stated to be \”Nug! Nug!\” by the Official Pingu Trivia page. accompanied by turning his beak into a megaphone like shape. Within the first 4 series, all the characters were performed by Italian voice actor Carlo Bonomi, using a language of noises that he had already developed and used for the earlier Osvaldo Cavandoli’s La Linea. In series 5 and 6, the Pingu cast was jointly voiced by David Sant and Marcello Magni.
A Japanese reboot of the series, titled Pingu in the City, began airing on NHKE on October 7, 2017.

Pingu 2019 | The Best Funny cartoon 2019 HD ► The newest compilation 2019 #6

Traditional Japanese Kids Ceremony | Shichi-Go-San

This is the day of ShichiGoSan, a traditional kids ceremony in Japan. We started early in the morning for preparations and tried to get her to wear a kimono, but she didn’t want to, so we went to the shrine in her regular clothes and had a prayer. We’re gonna spend the day celebrating her growth with our family.
ShichiGoSan is a Traditional Japanese ceremony that celebrate the growth of children when they’re 3, 5, 7 years old. Most people go to a hair salon to have their hair done and dressed kimono, take pictures at a photo studio, visit a shrine, and have a celebratory meal with their family.
See more Shichigosan’s Videos
Sutan’s kimono selection https://youtu.be/U_mN1opyUEo
SUTAN with Traditional Hair https://youtu.be/VI3rHiYTtYs
Kimono or NoKimono, Parents vs Kid https://youtu.be/qpGZIxeGewc
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MOE https://www.instagram.com/kimono_mom/
Music : YouTubeAudio, OtoLogic

Traditional Japanese Kids Ceremony | Shichi-Go-San

099 Pingu the Baker.avi

099 Pingu the Baker.avi

นอกจากการดูหัวข้อนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถเข้าถึงบทวิจารณ์ดีๆ อื่นๆ อีกมากมายได้ที่นี่: ดูบทความเพิ่มเติมในหมวดหมู่Tips

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