Home » Old v. New: Xeon E5-2680 vs. i9-7900X (Sandybridge Wins!) | Bảng Tin về chủ đề e5-2680 v3 |

Old v. New: Xeon E5-2680 vs. i9-7900X (Sandybridge Wins!) | Bảng Tin về chủ đề e5-2680 v3 |

Có phải bạn đang muốn tìm hiểu bài viết nói về e5-2680 v3 có phải không? Hình như bạn đang muốn tìm chủ đề Old v. New: Xeon E5-2680 vs. i9-7900X (Sandybridge Wins!) phải không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây.

Old v. New: Xeon E5-2680 vs. i9-7900X (Sandybridge Wins!) | Xem thông tin về laptop tại đây.

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Hình ảnh liên quan đếnbài viết Old v. New: Xeon E5-2680 vs. i9-7900X (Sandybridge Wins!).

Old v. New: Xeon E5-2680 vs. i9-7900X (Sandybridge Wins!)

Old v. New: Xeon E5-2680 vs. i9-7900X (Sandybridge Wins!)

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Old v. New: Xeon E5-2680 vs. i9-7900X (Sandybridge Wins!).

e5-2680 v3.

Hy vọng những Thông tin về chủ đề e5-2680 v3 này sẽ có ích cho bạn. Rất cảm ơn bạn đã theo dõi.

50 thoughts on “Old v. New: Xeon E5-2680 vs. i9-7900X (Sandybridge Wins!) | Bảng Tin về chủ đề e5-2680 v3 |”

  1. I have a 2 xeon e5 2680 v1 processor and 128gb ecc ddr3 and 2 gtx titan x maxwel and i would like to know if in 2020 almost 2021 about which processor would be equal or more powerful I mean processors from 2020 or 2019 or 2018 or even from 2017 I mean top cpu
    thank you I am waiting for an answer

  2. Still on my beautifully binned Xeon 1650 v0 x79 running at 4.6ghz turbo'ing to 5.6 ghz on some cores at its peak that ive physically seen in windows built in software. However, they screw x79 up with the random & wide spread bios corruption and has to redo itself each time it sleep and or hibernates for awhile, this is the worse case issue each time and best needs a restart then always works flawless. Ita not my settings or bios does same om stock newer and older bios efi or legacy on my Gigabyte Assasian 2 MoBo.. Its won't stop until I go to Solus OS Distro, works flawless out thw bkx but don't know about overclocking otherwise I'd be totally om Solus OS budgie or plasma desktop environment as its that good and proves windows is intentionally screwing up x79 cause its so good foe its age… solution no sleep or hibernate and hate it, people been trying to fox this since least 2013, stilin 2020.. Its insanity and if one didn't know better you'd think it was hardware but NOPE windows 10 and or intel together.. #Grrr

  3. Hi level
    How is performance in 2020 ?
    Is it good uppgrade to 2680 v4 or something else ?
    I want to change my i7 5820 in asus x99 to more core
    My need is editing in avid Mc -motion graphics

  4. what are the chances my dell t3600 was tweaked to run at turbo all the time? because it seems to when referencing the windows task manager and i'm not aware of how to change it and im going from a e5-1603 4-core 4-thread to a e5-2665 8-core 16-thread and wouldn't mind turning it off to see if it draws less power… help would be greatly appreciated

  5. You can piece together a Dell Precision T5810 with an E5-2690 v3 and 64GB of quad channel ECC DDR4 for <$500 all day from eBay. Toss in an eBay 1080Ti for another $400 And you have the best sub $1,000 gaming machine you can buy guaranteed.

  6. Got two e5-2680v3 cpus for $215 used. Supermicro x10sl dual socket board for $180. 128gb ddr4-2400 ecc reg dual ranked ram for $220. Like $600ish.

    It destroys a i5-9500k easilly.

  7. I have a gigabyte assassin 2 (turned out to be a real crap board, e2100 useless and no hibernation without bios auto re-flash a.k.a. crash, etc) #HOWEVER I fixed most of these things whether learned to live with or turned them off, etc… The main issue I have now is I need my bios reverted to sandy-bridge from the latest I stupidly put on there, is there anyway? I heard you need a 8 bit or 16 bit OS to boot up from a USB or something ALIKE, as far as I got, there is no universal program? I am willing to risk a brick a have other systems…. I really want o use a xeon 2673 v2 and keep this bios but do not think this board can even support a 8 core (1660 v2 highest as i wanted a 2696 v2 – 12 core or 1680 v2 and seen many say will not work, GRRRR) even with the latest bios from gigabyte (Blah) for ivy bridge… HELP! Running a 1650 v0 now at 4.7.4ghz stable on a huge cooler-master V8 GTS HYBRID "Mostly" air cooler…. I am really not liking Gigabyte anymore for software stability and support – I only like them for the QUALITY….. Their x58 & X79 BOARDS QUALITY OF parts are second to NONE…. #HELP BTW: Great Video!

  8. Rockin three X79 PC's at home. Mine, an E5-1650V2 on ASUS P9X79 Pro which turbo's to 4.4Ghz on air without issues and runs reasonably cool, paired with a GTX980. The kids…the youngest runs a DELL T5600 dual E5-2667 (2x6C12T, all core 3.1 Ghz) paired with GTX970 OC'd. The oldest, an E5-4627V2 (8C/8T all core 3.5Ghz) on a HuananZhi deluxe X79 that is paired with RX4708GB. All run 1080P games very well, even up to high settings. The kids use them for Fortnite, so X79 is plenty enough for that game.

  9. I had a 3930k a few years back and can confirm it was a beast. Until I upgraded to a 3700X it held most of my benchmark records for single core and I only beat my Firestrike score with a 3930k/295X2 this year with a 1080ti and 3700x. Of all my Intel CPU's it was my favourite.

  10. Intel CPUs were amazing, like finding gold back in the day. Now they tell you exactly how much gold you have. Still great, but far from what it used to be. The overclock potential is not the same. Intel's old chips fascinate me, but I have i9 9900k. I did buy x58 platform and Xeon x5675, it ran about 10-20 fps less than i7 8700k in my tests.

    That tells you how good overclocked x58 was/is/will be. It also had AVX instructions, so you could still run AVX based games, like Rainbow Six Siege

  11. I was able to acquire a DELL Prec. T5600 dual Xeon E5-2667 w/32GB EEC 1600Mhz and a 825 W PS (decommissioning…company gave it to me). It's not OC-able and I usually run 2×4 cores to get the turbo boost closer to the single core max. With a GTX 970 OC'd (great OC-ing on this card BTW), I can still do 1440P in high at decent FPS (45) playing WoT.

    Liked SandyBridge so much, did a little research and grabbed an E5-1650V2 and an E5-1660 (v1) for two additional builds. Sent the Dell to the youngest and built with one used ASROCK Extreme 3 MB, one new X79 HuananZhi Deluxe MB, new 650 PS's, new Cooler-Master RGB cases (each came with 4x120mm RGB fans), 32GB 1600 EEC and two used GTX 980's, two SSD's and one NVME M.2…two additional PC's. Total out of pocket was $1200 for three solid gaming PC's. Yes, i shopped locally, on Ali and eBay for these deals. Go local for the GPU's if you can. Wish I could've found another motherboard at the high end…but these things are pricy, even if used. I really didn't want to spend $300-400 on something used. $200 is my limit on the used stuff.

    The HuananZhi is not really OC-able. Yes, you can up the multipliers to 42, but the VRM's get a little hot. Prefer 3.9 on this one, though it comes with NVME M.2 and I was able to easily set it up to boot too! Yes, on the two single core PC's I did install small fans directly blowing onto the VRM's. This works like a charm.

    I use the E5-1660 paired with the Extreme3, OC'd to only 4.2Ghz (I have gotten it stable at 4.5 on air…but the VRM temps were too high for my liking..over 95C). Now runs stable and cool at 4.2 with max VRMs at 85C and CPU at about 71C at full burn test load. Excellent productivity, entertainment, and gaming PC for the money. This is the one I have in my man-cave.

    The kids (12, 14) each have their own PC and loved to build them with me too.

  12. Look at that i7 3820, that's my baby, its still in my x79 sabertooth (main rig) tho i should upgrade the gpu, i still use a R7 260x, all i do is game and never put it under load, only new components i added are a 256gig evo 860 and a 1tb hdd from WD, and a new PSU, need to chnge that after 5/6 years, it was a 500w not even 80+ so got a 800w gold one, should get a 1080 that will suite all my needs.
    not gonna change my 3820.
    Think it will do just fine for a few more years.

  13. can you test the old E5 xeon with a RTX 2080 ?    i think it would not bottleneck the gpu because in many other videos you can see that gpu goes only to 60% with 100% gpu load ….

  14. I own E5-2680 v1 with Intel dx79sr and really love it, still works like a charm.
    Downside of dx79sr that there's no boot efi option for m.2 pcie, but there's a workaround with fake usb efi boot loader that recognises nvme devices.

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