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How to Negotiate in English – Business English Lesson | deal อ่าน ว่า

How to Negotiate in English – Business English Lesson

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูความรู้เพิ่มเติมที่นี่

In this lesson, you can learn useful language to negotiate in business situations. Do you have any tips for business negotiations? Be sure to share them in the comments!
You’ll learn how to make your position clear, how to accept or reject the other side’s proposals, and how to express yourself in clear, professionalsounding English.
In this lesson, you’ll see a scenario where we’ll roleplay a negotiation between a clothing wholesaler and a manufacturer’s representative.

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1. Establishing Your Position 1:16
2. Setting Conditions 5:43
3. Disagreements and Setting Boundaries 9:16
4. Reaching an Agreement 12:38
5. Summarising and Restating 15:23
This lesson can help you:
Understand the basics of negotiations in English.
Learn useful phrases to set your position when you negotiate in English.
Get useful phrases to set specific conditions for your negotiations in English.
See how you can deal with possible disagreements in a business negotiation.
Understand how to set boundaries during your negotiation in English.
Get helpful phrases and vocabulary to reach an agreement in your business negotiation.
See how you can summarise your decisions from the negotiation and restate the agreement you made when you negotiate in English.
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How to Negotiate in English - Business English Lesson

Speaking English – DEAL expressions – \”big deal\”, \”deal with it\”…

http://www.engvid.com/ What’s the \”BIG DEAL\” about this lesson? Well, if you want to be a \”big deal\”, watch this English lesson and find out when ‘deal’ is used to talk about importance or a problem. I’ll teach you eight different ways to use \”DEAL\”! Press play right now and say \”DEAL ME IN, JAMES!\” And don’t forget to take the quiz: http://www.engvid.com/speakingenglishdealexpressions/
Hi. James from www.engvid.com. And this lesson is brought to you by Eddie Lucas Mens, from Facebook. Eddie, thanks a lot. It seems Eddie didn’t know how to deal with it when he couldn’t understand when people told him, \”Deal with it.\” So we made a deal to help him learn, okay? And Eddie said, \”Deal me in, dude.\” Okay. So these are idioms that have to do with the word \”deal\”.
Well, first of all, if you don’t know what a deal is, none of this is going to make sense. And there’re two very important ones you have to know. Funny, the second for the idioms is more important than the first one. And the first one well, you can see Mr. E, he’s shaking hands with a human. Okay. Because he’s as big as a human. Human. I think that’s how he sounds when he speaks, \”Human make deal with Mr. E.\” Sounds like a Russian on steroids. Okay. No, just kidding. It’s a bad Russian account, I don’t know. So, here we go. Here’s Mr. E making a deal. It’s an agreement, an agreement that must benefit. So when you make a deal, it means \”it’s good for me; it’s good for you.\” It’s a \”deal\”, okay.
When it’s not a deal it means something one person or a party is not getting something out of it that’s good. But funny enough and I should say this is the official version when people say, \”We made a deal\”, they’re talking about this. But a lot of the idioms really have to do with this one, which is funny: \”to give out cards in a game\”. If you like playing poker you know, poker and there’s, you know, the heart card there you go. You play a game. When you play that game you give out cards. And when you give out cards when you receive these cards, you have what’s called your \”hand\”. And this is what you have to \”deal with\”. And that’s what I’m going to explain. This is what you have to \”deal with\”. It’s what you have. You don’t have anything else. You must make these cards work the best for you, all right? And that’s what a lot of these idioms are about.
So let’s start with it. You meet somebody. And they’re in a bad mood. You might say, \”What’s their deal?\” It means, in that case, \”What’s their problem?\” They got cards and maybe they’re, like, \”My cards are bad. I’m not happy.\” And you go, \”What’s their deal?\” Of course, you don’t know their deal because you don’t know their cards. And that’s where I have has to do with giving out cards, right? But it’s not just for that. When we say \”What’s his deal, or her deal, or their deal\”, we mean, \”What’s their problem, or what’s their situation\”, right? You might see someone drive up in a Mercedes looking good. You go, \”What’s his deal?\” He owns IBM. Stocks in Microsoft rich. That’s his deal. He got what we call a good hand in cards. Everything is good for him, right? The other problem person with the problem got a bad set of cards. All right?
So next one, when somebody says, \”Deal with it\” I’m going to go back to the cards analogy. \”Analogy\” means when you take two things and you try and, you know, you tell a story to explain something else. It’s an analogy. It’s not necessarily true. It’s just to explain something. And I told you at the beginning, and I’ll repeat: Most of these will have to do with to give out cards because we talk about fate or what you’ve been given, and you must use. There will be one about dealing. Don’t worry, okay? So when you say, \”Deal with it\”, once again, these are the cards you’ve got, and you’re like, \”It’s not fair. I don’t have the good cards. Johnny has all the good cards.\” And somebody says, \”Deal with it.\” What they’re saying is, \”That’s the reality. That’s the situation. It’s your problem. There’s nothing we’re going to do about it. Stop complaining and just move on from here.\” Wow. That’s tough isn’t it? Yeah. Just deal with it.
Next remember we talked about cards? \”Deal me in.\” Well, Mr. E’s watching the card game. James is playing. He sees me get money, and he’s like, \”I like that game. I want to be part of that game.\” Well, then you need your own cards. So somebody has to give you cards, right? That’s what we mean by \”Deal me in.\” When you say, \”I’m having pizza tonight\”, and you go, \”Deal me in\”, it means, \”I want some pizza. I want to be part of it. I want to join the poker game.\” It’s not poker, remember. It’s just we’re talking about cards, and that word analogy. We’re talking about one thing to explain another. So someone says, \”Deal me in\”, it means, \”Let me be part of this.\” Okay?

Speaking English - DEAL expressions - \

How to act in an interview

Tips from Loqua Communicationson on how to act in an interview. This video is designed for firsttime and inexperienced interviewees. For more info, log on to www.loquacommunications.com.

How to act in an interview

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