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5 JavaScript Concepts You HAVE TO KNOW | Bảng Tin về chủ đề javascript. |

Nếu bạn đang tìm kiếm chủ đề nói về javascript. có phải không? Phải chăng bạn đang muốn tìm chủ đề 5 JavaScript Concepts You HAVE TO KNOW phải không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây.

5 JavaScript Concepts You HAVE TO KNOW | Xem thông tin về laptop tại đây.

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Bạn biết JavaScript tốt như thế nào? Chà, nếu bạn chưa biết 5 khái niệm này, thì tốt hơn hết bạn nên bắt tay vào thực hiện! 00:00 – Intro 01:00 – Equality 2:30 – Async Javascript 04:00 – Xử lý lỗi 05:40 – Cú pháp ES6 07:40 – Phương thức mảng _______________________________________________________ Bản tin 🗞 Quan tâm đến nội dung độc quyền và giảm giá? 🤯 Đăng ký nhận bản tin! _____________________________________________ Kết nối với tôi 😀 Phát trực tiếp trên Twitch – Theo dõi tôi trên Twitter – Tham gia 💬 Máy chủ Discord 💬 – ___________________________________________________ CÁC KHÓA HỌC 💻 Tìm hiểu cách xây dựng ứng dụng Fullstack với các chức năng React và Serverless – Tìm hiểu mọi thứ bạn cần biết về Visual Studio Code – Xây dựng Ứng dụng Đố vui -.

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5 JavaScript Concepts You HAVE TO KNOW

5 JavaScript Concepts You HAVE TO KNOW

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5 JavaScript Concepts You HAVE TO KNOW.


Với những Kiến thức về chủ đề javascript. này sẽ có ích cho bạn. Chúng tôi chân thành .

37 thoughts on “5 JavaScript Concepts You HAVE TO KNOW | Bảng Tin về chủ đề javascript. |”

  1. 6. Higher order functions.
    7. Testing frameworks like Jest + Cypress – Ever worked on a project and put in dummy JSON in place of a ‘real endpoint’ whilst you’re waiting for it to be built by the back end team only to swap it in when it becomes available? There’s no need to do this. Set up Cypress to stub out the real API response with your dummy JSON and keep the real request where it belongs. Also put in all the edge cases that might be in the data into that dummy JSON and write some tests for them.
    8. TypeScript Generics – not knowing this is like trying to speak Spanish without the subjunctive tense.
    9. Write testable units of code (not just a JS thing).
    10. Learn what goes where in a js project, like if you get something from the store in a deeply nested component and you start making computations on that store item in that component then every instance of that component is doing that computation. It could have been done once in the store.

  2. Personally learning HTML and CSS to complement my decent javascript skills. Thankfully it/'s rather easy. What is more tricky is how to manipulate the HTML with just javascript, been doing it for about two weeks and feeling comfy now 🙂

  3. Out of my limited view as a Senior EcmaScript Engine Implementation guy is that you should Learn about "Strings" in JS as you most time interact with "Chars" and Text Represented as String and in JS a String is a chain of UTF.8 chars by definition.

    that leads to the fundamental that diffrent data can result in the same String that gets represented as output while matching it is a diffrent string. Anyway funny that you rate Execution more importent then the fundamentals.

  4. One final point. Before tackling a project, learn their business. You can't supply a solution unless you understand the problem.

    See software as a tool used by the end user needing to solve their problem.

    You do that and they will carry you around as their savior.

    Today unfortunately 95% of software developers are just assembly line workers collecting a paycheck.

  5. Really good presentation.

    I've been a programmer and team lead for over twenty years now for companies like Department of Criminal Justice, AIG, AT&T, Michelin, Carolinas Healthcare, Crestar and Synovus banks.

    After walking away from coding seven years ago to concentrate on building a separate business, I've found myself in my new venture needing to immerse myself into current js6 for Headless CMS applications.

    Dealing with streamling solid development, this is an excellent bullet point primer on skill sets that are a CRUCIAL pass/fail test for anyone I work with.

    If you cannot explain in detail fetch, promises, array manipulation and data typing you are not even considered.

    PLEASE take time to learn the basics. It will make you extremely marketable and a valuable commodity.

  6. Jesus Christ you have all this memorized?!?!?!? 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️UNREAL!!!

  7. Closures should be part of your list. I struggled to understamd closures and it took me a few iterations to grasp. Its my fav interview question.

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