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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review | samsung galaxy fold | Thông tin về điện thoại mới cập nhật

Dường như bạn đang muốn tìm kiếm sản phẩm về samsung galaxy fold có phải không? Phải chăng bạn đang muốn tìm chủ đề Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review phải không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review | Xem thông tin về điện thoại tại đây.

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Với Fold 3, có vẻ như Samsung đã rất cố gắng để tạo ra một sản phẩm lai giữa máy tính bảng và điện thoại thông minh có thể gập lại. Nhưng hiện tại, bất chấp tất cả những tiến bộ mà Samsung đã đạt được, Fold 3 vẫn chưa sẵn sàng cho phân khúc phổ thông. Nhận thêm Engadget: • Thích chúng tôi trên Facebook: • Theo dõi chúng tôi trên Twitter: • Theo dõi chúng tôi trên Instagram: • Đọc thêm:.

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Hình ảnh liên quan đếnbài viết Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review.

samsung galaxy fold.

Mong rằng những Kiến thức về chủ đề samsung galaxy fold này sẽ hữu ích cho bạn. Chúng tôi chân thành .

43 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review | samsung galaxy fold | Thông tin về điện thoại mới cập nhật”

  1. This phone has totally changed my life! In one day! This is probably the most revolutionary phone since smartphones first revolutionized communication for people who need a productivity focused phone. After using it for one day it basically TRULY eliminated my need to carry a separate tablet or laptop with me throughout the work day.

    I personally feel like reviewers are making far too much of a deal about three things with this phone:
    1. The under display camera
    2. The fact that you can't write on the cover screen
    3. The width of the cover screen.

    The cover screen is meant to be a quick window into what's going on as you pull out the phone from your pocket, and need to handle quick tasks.

    For anything more sophisticated than that, why would you NOT want to just open it!?

    Oh, and typing on the large screen is NOT a huge pain. Major exaggration in my opinion.

    And I would MUCH rather have an overachieving device than an underachieving one. And it has totally replaced my regular phone. I think this closing point made in this review that it can't was very poorly conceived and borderline irresponsible.

  2. Def a product that splits opinion? The diehard 100% YT foldable-loving creators that are hyping beyond infinity and more, to those that see the Emperor is in fact stark naked and maybe not sucked in by the marketing and promos? I am sort of in the middle; I feel Samsung has the design wrong, but love their software and want them to succeed but am not sold on the current design. Hoping the Fold4 is a massive rethink or that the competition shows Samsung how it should be done?

  3. If you're going to complain about the huge amount of problems with the software, you might want to mention a couple…?? No other reviews mention anything 🤔

  4. Huawei, xiaomi folding which imitates Samsung's innovation is actually more expensive… isn't it ridiculous… moreover, Huawei doesn't have Google + OS like iPhone, just like that, the price is above Samsung

  5. I finally got mine and I'm passed. Battery life is HORRIBLE and the right side gets warm even while playing something simple like Pokémon go.what the hell

  6. I'm not shocked an Apple fangirl will nitpick any device that isn't Apple. I don't see how this device fails at being either a tablet or a phone. It is thin enough to be held in 1 hand as a phone, and you can pocket it as a tablet (with pen support no less). It is impressive at both!

  7. Probably it is just me, I can't see your enthusiasm in reviewing Samsung products. Let's see how would you react when you review iPhone 13.

  8. This is one Very impressive review I loved it . Also the way you explained the design similarities between fold 2 and 3 and the differences between them was splendid and I agree fold 3 is still not yet ready for mainstream .Flip 3 on the other hand will attract more followers I reckon .

  9. This is the best phone on the market today. The iPhone still doesn’t do multitasking, real multitasking. This fold 3 is the note on steroids and deserves 9 out of 10 stars. Samsung nights stand up!!!!!!!!!

  10. Whatever your opinion is, at least Samsung is out here innovating rather than making minor improvements here or there. What has IPhone done in the last 5 years remotely as innovated as the samsung Z series

  11. Why do you people critique this innovative phone? It's ridiculous of course it's heavier and the gap is there but iPhone has not changed there design in like 5 years give me a break.

  12. It's kinda ridiculous how previous criticism is now called a feature…
    When the first Fold came out, one of the few (bEcAuSe iT fOlDs) criticisms was the fact that for example Instagram looked horrible since some pictures even were displayed bigger than the actual screen was. It looks like Instagram then changed it so the app looked more like a phone. And now Samsung forces the app back to what it was before and now everyone feels the need of mentioning this "new feature" 🤦🏻‍♂️

  13. Price the Fold the same as regular phones, and see it replace them in a heartbeat.

    It's a matter of price, nothing more. In every way else, it's superior to a slab phone, particularly when it comes to surfing the net, and watching videos, so I don't know what this insta-hippy is talking about.

  14. the only thing thats not ready for the mainstream is the price lol, the phone itself is already refine enough, ive seen it from the first one and i must say this one has huge improvements, the stock shortage is proof that people think highly of the phone and are willing to shell out the money to buy it. This lady here probably expect the phone to come with all the bangs like dustproof waterproof 108MP on each camera, 10,000mah battery, 3D projection tech, direct satellite connection, indestructible chasis, sapphire glass, and 10TB storage lol.

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