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i7-4770K Gaming in 2020 | Bảng Tin về chủ đề core i7 4770 |

Phải chăng bạn đang tìm hiểu bài viết về core i7 4770 có phải không? Phải chăng bạn đang muốn tìm chủ đề i7-4770K Gaming in 2020 phải vậy không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây.

i7-4770K Gaming in 2020 | Xem thông tin về laptop tại đây.

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Trước khi thu thập suy nghĩ của mình về AMD Ryzen 3 3100 được đồn đại, tôi nghĩ rằng tôi đã xem xét việc chơi game trên luồng CPU 4 nhân, 8 vào năm 2020. Hôm nay chúng ta sẽ xem lại i7-4770K của Intel trong một số trò chơi hiện đại. ~ Thông số hệ thống giàn chính của tôi ~ Ryzen 9 3950X: Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero X470: EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC2: 2x16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro: 1 TB Crucial NVMe SSD: 2x480GB Sata SSD: Corsair H115i RGB Platinum: NZXT S340 Elite (Trắng ): Hoosier Hardware Merch: LIKE & SUBSCRIBE here: ~ Support ~ Amazon: EVGA Associate Code (sử dụng khi thanh toán để được giảm giá): 0JQPSKLKU7T66Z3 ~ Follow Me on Social Media ~ Twitter: Instagram: ~ About Hoosier Hardware ~ Hey folks! Tôi chỉ muốn chào mừng tất cả những người yêu thích công nghệ đến với kênh. Tôi tập trung vào phần cứng PC, nhưng điều đó không ngăn cản tôi thỉnh thoảng làm việc với các công nghệ khác. Hy vọng bạn sẽ thích nội dung và cảm ơn vì đã ghé qua! #Intel #AMD #QuadCoreCPUGaming.

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i7-4770K Gaming in 2020

i7-4770K Gaming in 2020

>> Ngoài xem chuyên mục này bạn có thể truy cập thêm nhiều Thông tin hay khác tại đây: Xem thêm kiến thức laptop tại đây.

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#i74770K #Gaming.

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i7-4770K Gaming in 2020.

core i7 4770.

Rất mong những Kiến thức về chủ đề core i7 4770 này sẽ hữu ích cho bạn. Chúng tôi chân thành .

43 thoughts on “i7-4770K Gaming in 2020 | Bảng Tin về chủ đề core i7 4770 |”

  1. A note on the Red Dead Redemption 2 Benchmark. I didn't realize this at the time of filming, but the presets used by RDR2 actually adapt to your hardware. For example, "balanced" preset with a 1080 Ti and a 3950X likely gave me different graphics settings than "balanced" on the 4770K with the 1080 Ti. Because of this, that particular comparison is likely not apples to apples. The 4770K vs OC 4770K should still be apples to apples. In the future, instead of using the "balanced" preset, I'll be manually inputting everything to "medium" settings for that title.

  2. ik this is a year old but i have a gtx 1070 fe and a 4770k with a 15% bottleneck is this bad? i have fine fps but choppy gameplay why?

  3. Still perfectly serviceable. You won't even completely bottleneck a 20 or even most 30 series gpus. I have a 9900k in my main rig and a 4770k in my lan rig. The lan rig has a 2080ti and my main rig has a 3070. Most games only see around a 10-15fps difference, which isn't much considering I'm running at over 100fps in almost every single game I own at 1440p.

  4. My PC was built in 2014 as an i7-4770k, 16GB ram, GTX 760…..until last week I was still playing World of Warcraft fine. It started crashing when playing, not sure what the problem is but since it's so old I am upgrading to a i7 11th gen, 16GB ram, GTX 1660Ti(all I could get right now). I could probably just have had my PC fixed, but being 7 years old I didn't wanna invest money into it

  5. In my opinion having 32gb vs 16gb is not a fair comparison in bortherlands. You can upgrade your RAM to 32Gb (Max) for the Intel Setup or downgrade to 16GB for the AMD Setup.

  6. i have an i7 4770k.
    should i upgrade to an i7 9700F ? i know its not the best on the market, but it's better than a 4770, right?

  7. My gaming PC is rocking a 4770 and I play half life alyx in ultra with a 1060 6gb and only 16 GB ram at 55-60 fps on the Oculus 2 without turbo… So as VR is more intensive then regular gaming I would say these processors still rock. With that said my plan tomorrow is to go out and purchase an Asus rog with the new i7 10070 and 2060 8gb so we will see if there is a difference but understand I am not buying this PC because my current gaming system doesn't perform. It's my current i3 work computer that sucks for 3D rendering, so I'm upgrading my gaming rig to move my current gaming rig to my work station and get rid of the old i3. Tired of freezing making lithographs for 3d prints hahah.

  8. If you want to test if these CPUs are still an option at this point in time, you should be testing them above 1080p. 1080p is the most CPU constrained, so naturally it isn't going to do as well. But if you tested it vs a modern CPU at higher resolutions, you'd see less of a difference, and so the CPU may still be a viable option for the gamers who have moved on from 1080p screens. Covering all resolutions helps your viewers make better informed choices. Not all of us are at 1080p.

  9. saw a pc case sitting at the trash out front of someone house. pc was filled with dead insects but inside was a MSI motherboard with full ram slots totaling to 16gb ram and a processor which was this processor the intel i7 4770k. Using these parts and the money i saved i got a chassis a cooler and a rx 570 and now i have my first gaming pc. Beautiful pc i’m extremely proud of it given the circumstances it was acquired.

  10. I upgraded to a 4770K in 2015 from a 2600K. Had a Geforce 760 4GB that ran games well enough, until last year when it just couldn't handle Dirt Rally 2.0. Upgraded to a 1660 SUPER OC 6GB. Now DR2 .0 runs way better. I've kept my 4770K stock on a Corsair H100i cooler, it keeps the temps in check really well.
    However I don't game that much anymore, I really dropped off gaming in the mid 2010s, don't know why.. The only games I've really played have been Dirt Rally and DR2.0. Though, next year I wanna upgrade to a Zen 3 CPU to get that PCIe 4.0 goodness with an M.2 drive.

  11. I'm new to OC, I got intel 4470K with Z87M gaming board, in bios setting I cannot increase my mhz above 39.00 mhz it fixed to 39. It's highlighted in grey how do I get around this issue?

  12. I have had my i7 4770k since launch with a 1080ti,can run all games at 4k 60 with tweaks most well made games use the gpu much more apart from Ubisoft open world games.

  13. Hey! If you still have the processor… Would you like selling it to me? Actually I have an outdated processor and recently bought a gfx card. I need a higher-end 4th gen processor for my current build…. (Can't spend for another PC build :(….)

    So, please do let me know! Will be waiting for your response…



  14. Back in 2013 i built perhaps one of the most reliable PCs you could build in the day, I had a 4770k, a msi twin frozr 760ti 4gb of vram, two 8gig balistix tacticals, a san disk ssd, two western digital blues, an asus xonar sound chip, way overkill cx750 power supply (currently only drawing 350 or so watts) and a z87 pro motherboard, this thing is so fast even today, very much a future proof reliable era that intel built in the 4th gen

  15. I have mine since beginning (2013?), and every 5-6 months I look for an hardware upgrade, but when I look at the overall price for a whole upgrade, even if I can easily afford new hardware, it makes no sense to me. I just never got in the situation where I thought, men this cpu is slow, even though I render videos, play games and produce music. As long it doesnt die, I will keep it.

  16. hello. I'm thinking of buying a an i7-4770 with an integrated graphics card. Will that be enough for most games or is it necessary to shell out some cash for a graphic card

  17. My 4770 non k is still doing good in applications that use 8 threads but stuff that uses 2 cores at best just doesn’t run as I’d like. Deffo looking to upgrade

  18. I bought 4770k as my friend recommended me from his experience with 3770k processor. Used stock cooler for 3 years then upgraded for cooler master, never ever the temp went beyond 70 degrees. It's like toyota of computer chips, throw anything on it, it will chew & digest like a monster.

  19. Hi grt vid.
    Current spec of my pc…
    Cpu: i7 4790
    Ram: 16gig ddr3l (8+8 dual channel)
    Ssd: 250gig sata3
    Hdd: 1tb 5400rpm
    Gpu: which I should buy? My personal choice 1650s 4gig. Kindly advise me. Thanks.

  20. Love these comparisons as they help folks who are upgrading from older tech to new tech. This is a very valid comparison

  21. 4770k is fine for now but it won't be long until new consoles come out with 8 core coding as the norm for games. 4770k would barely get by like 4 core 4 thread processor today. Borderlands 3 is just the beginning

  22. after 7 years of gaming on pentium g3430 cpu i finally gave a shot and updated it to this 4770k cpu. I hope that i will use it for next 7 years, until i need to update my whole pc

  23. Thanks for this, you gave me confidence that my plan will work. Had my 4770k since 2013 with the last of the intel motherboards. Didn't want to mess with overclocking at the time, just wanted the rock solid reliability. Upgraded OS, HD and GPU a couple years ago. I'm thinking of doing a MicroITX build now. Will get something with Z97 chipset this time and an M2 ssd. Overclocking as a futureproof. Cost is only about 500 bucks with existing components. True it might not be completely future proof, but who says you need to buy new games? Literally their are hundreds of great older games I haven't played. I spent 2 years playing Fallout 4. I'm a year into Skyrim. Maybe I'll get Red Dead Redemption next.


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